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Biographical information Photo
Name: Jonathan G. Wilson (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 01/22/2368 (41) JonathanGWilson.png
Species: Human Place of Birth: North Carolina, Earth, Sol System, Alpha Quadrant
Nationality: Federation Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English
Physical information
Height: 2.0066 m Weight: 117.5 kg
Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Blue
Physical Description: Jonathan often strikes intimidation into others by his mere presence. Due to his size and height it was commonly joked in the Academy he was a Brikar infiltrator. He had dark blond hair that he keeps cut in a military fashion as demanded by Marine Regulations and light blue eyes that some have claimed to have seen filled with a twinkle of mischief worthy of James Kirk. While he always carries himself with confidence he always seems out of place when not in his uniform, it is often said he was born into it.
Maritial Status: Single Children Jacob Wilson, Christopher Wilson
Siblings None Spouse Brenda Burcham
Starfleet Records
Rank: Brigadier General  
Current Assignment: USS North Carolina
Position: Commanding Officer

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Jonathan is calm and collected in a tough situation. He leads by example and with his MACO background has a slightly different look on tactical situations. His strong belief in Honor has served him well in diplomatic situations with both the Klingon High Council and the New Romulan Senate.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

While Jonathan posses strong Leadership and problem solving abilities, he often can get caught up in the little details and needs someone to help him remember to focus on the big picture.


Jonathan can best be described as driven, but he is not overly ambitious. In his career he has only used his influence to direct those projects closest to his heart.

Hobbies & Interests:

Aside from spending time with his family, Jonathan enjoys reading, especially old physical bound books.

Personal Datafile

Personal History (Roleplay):

Early Life
Jonathan was born in 2368 to a nurturing mother and a very strict father who both supported any interest he showed growing up. At an early age, Jonathan excelled at Mathematics and Tactical Leadership, mainly due to his time spent with his Father at the Marine Academy.

Academically Jonathan continued to achieve above average grades in most of his studies, but showed exceptional talent in Leadership, Military History, and Statistics.

Starfleet Academy
Jonathan applied for Starfleet Academy in 2385, and was accepted. He spent his first two years working hard and achieving high grades. He even earned a commendation from the Academy for his tactical skills in a simulated invasion of the Academy.
At the start of his third year Jonathan was approached by Major Boris Sokolov, the Commandant of the Marine Academy, about a dual enrollment course of study. Jonathan was intrigued by the idea and accepted becoming a student in both Command, and the Marine Divisions. The third year was extremely tough for Jonathan when a shuttle assault exercise severely wounded him and he had to complete the second semester from an infirmary room.
This was made even more difficult as in late 2388, Jonathan's Father, Dwight Wilson, was commanding a Sovereign Class USS North Carolina, NCC-75019, through the Iconian Gateway to the Delta Quadrant when the Gateway on the Delta Quadrant side was destroyed and the quantum subspace tunnel between the two gateways collapsed. The USS north Carolina, NCC-75019, was declared lost with all hands aboard.
Jonathan's fourth year was much better in comparison, his legs and arm were completely. This year Jonathan commanded a squad of third year recruits on an assault on the Academy and almost succeeded in taking the Academy.
During Jonathan's Fifth and final year he achieved highest honors in his Marine studies and was awarded the initial commission of Second Lieutenant.

USS Kingfisher
After graduating from the Academies in 2390, Jonathan took his first field assignment as the Marine Officer In Charge of the 155th Marine Strike Group aboard the USS Kingfisher, an Intrepid Class Starship. Jonathan excelled in this roll and after 9 months he received a Promotion to First Lieutenant.
In 2393 the USS KingFisher is assigned to patrol the boundary between the Cardassian Union and the Federation in a heightened presence to help deal with Maquis raids on trade ships. During one of these engagements the 155th boarded a "Maquis Raider" and discovered it was holding a Brikar citizen prisoner. During the brief fight by the Marquis crew to retake the raider, First Lieutenant Wilson tackled a Maquis crewman as he attempted to kill the Brikar. The Brikar, who Jonathan then learned was named Chris Fisher after a traveler who had helped his homeworld during the Klingon Invasion, swore a blood oath and declared that Jonathan was now his Blood Brother. Jonathan continued to serve as the 155th OIC when the USS KingFisher was sent to defend the Federation Border during the Klingon-Federation One Year War. During this war Jonathan is promoted to Marine Captain at the Request of the USS KingFisher's Commanding Officer Captain John J. Reavis.

Camp Ermey
In mid-2396, just as the USS Kingfisher was getting involved in the Dominion War, Jonathan received new orders to report to Camp Ermey in orbit around Donatu V. Jonathan was now the Officer In Charge of a full Marine Regiment tasked with supporting the Federations/Klingon/Romulan borders from the Jem'Hadar and Breen attacks. During the next two years Marine Captain Wilson and the 55th Marine Regiment fought the Breen and Jem’Hadar ground forces on many battles all over the sector not all with great success. By the time the Cease fire came in the Dominion War the Regiment had seen as many Marines lost as it had survive.

USS Independence
In 2402, a newly minted Major Jonathan Wilson is transferred to the USS Independence, a Nebula Class Starship equipped with a new Marine Assault Pod, as the new Officer In Charge of the 176th Marine Strike Group. Making the Prototype Marine Assault his home for the next 5 years, he worked with Starfleet Engineers suggesting design changes as they put the pod through its paces. It was also during this time that Jonathan met Brenda Burcham and they began a romantic relationship.

USS North Carolina
In early 2412 Jonathan is approached by Admiral John J. Reavis and General Danny Pearce about a new prototype they wanted him to oversee. The USS North Carolina, NCC-97005, was going to be the first Tactical Variant of the Odyssey Class Starship and they wanted him to take the position of her Commanding Officer. Jonathan looked over the design specifications and considered it a great opportunity to challenge himself and the crew and accepted. General Pearce promoted Jonathan to the rank of Brigadier and gave him a PADD with the specifications for the USS North Carolina as well as his access codes.


Career Datafile

Service Record:

  • 2385 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 1
  • 2386 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 2
  • 2387 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 3
  • 2388 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 4
  • 2389 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 5
  • 2390 - Second Lieutenant, USS Kingfisher, Marine Officer In Charge
  • 2392 - First Lieutenant, USS Kingfisher, Marine Officer In Charge
  • 2394 - Marine Captain, USS Kingfisher, Marine Officer In Charge
  • 2396 - Marine Captain, Camp Ermry, Marine Officer In Charge
  • 2402 - Major, USS Independence, Marine Officer In Charge
  • 2405 - Lieutenant Colonel, USS Independence, Marine Officer In Charge
  • 2408 - Colonel, USS Independence, Marine Officer In Charge
  • 2410 - Brigadier, USS North Carolina, Commanding Officer
  • 2412 - Brigadier General, USS North Carolina, Commanding Officer

Awards and Recognitions:

Medical Addenda

Medical Profile:

Psychological Profile: